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  • 20:1 Relief 1000 AM Tincture 1050mg

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    Relief 1000 AM is designed for daytime relief, so you can operate throughout the day unhindered. Add a few dropperfuls to your morning routine to promote all-day wellness. Relief 1000 (AM and PM), by Green Revolution, is a steady supply of inner peace that works wonders for helping manage the stressors of daily life. With…

  • 20:1 Relief 1000 PM Tincture 1050mg

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    Relief 1000 PM is prepared with our Chill TLC experience which gives maximum relaxation and comfort. Its perfect for unwinding after a long arduous day at the office. Put your feet up and let Relief 1000 ease your worries and calm your body. Relief 1000 (AM and PM), by Green Revolution, is a steady supply…

  • a The Rub Pain Balm

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    The Rub is an all natural pain balm is formulated to bring rapid pain relief. It contains 850mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp extract along with an intense essential oil profile. Think Icy Hot meets Tiger Balm. It provides a warming and cooling feeing at the same time. Emu oil is present to carry the medicine…

  • C.A.D. Pain Cream Rasta

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    C.A.D. Award-winning pain creams are formulated with the highest quality Whole Plant CBD extract and essential oils. Fast-acting relief to manage chronic pain, followed closely by managing arthritis or joint pain. Available in multiple strengths depending on the severity.   May Help With: MUSCLE & JOINT PAIN, ARTHRITIS SORENESS & BODY ACHES, PSORIASIS, SEVERE BACK…

  • CBD Body Balm + Arnica | Relieve | 500mg CBD

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    Formulated for distressed skin, aches and pains, or as an uplifting, plant-powered topical. The Relieve Body Balm is a potent blend of organic shea butter and organic essential oils known for their mood-boosting and healing properties such as neroli, grapefruit, and cardamom. Enhanced with 500mg CBD and the powerhouse botanical, Arnica, to soothe inflammation, bruising,…

  • CBD Capsules | Relief | 750mg CBD

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    The Relief CBD Capsules provide a convenient, discreet, and consistent dosing method. A simple, flavor-free option that’s perfect for a daily regimen. Made with water-soluble full spectrum hemp extract, it’s formulated to be optimally bioavailable to the human endocannabinoid system. 750mg CBD/bottle,

  • CBD Oil Tincture Coconut

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    60ml Bottle 1ml Eyedropper Ingredients: Medium chain triglyceride oil, Cannabidiol (CBD), Nutritional Information: Serving Size 1/ML 30 Servings Per Container Approx 83.33mg of CBD Per ML and Approx 5000mg CBD Per Container. Calories 5, Total Carbohydrates 4g, Sugars 1g,

  • CBD Relief & Repair Topical (2oz) 330mg

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    Liquid Flower CBD Relief & Repair includes a potent amount of CBDa/CBD producing long lasting anti-inflammatory effects for pain relief and a wide array of skin healing properties.   Like Liquid Flower Original, we designed CBD Relief & Repair using an infusion of whole-plant raw CBDa dominant cannabis in whipped shea butter. This unique process…

  • Day & Night Bundle – 3000mg CBD (2 Count)

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    Our Day and Night CBD Tinctures are highly potent and created with your specific needs in mind. The day tincture is formulated for increased focus, productivity, and energy, while the night tincture readies you for relaxation, de-stressing, and deeper slumber. Combine the two in your daily routine to experience maximum benefits. Quick absorption and easily…

  • Delta 8 THC Peach Paradise Gummies 125mg

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    Hemp Bombs Delta 8 THC Peach Paradise Gummies 125mg delivery in Los Angeles. If you are on the move and looking for an effortless way to introduce essential ingredients into your diet, Delta 8 THC Peach Paradise Gummies 125mg is the perfect option.

    Delta 8 THC Peach Paradise Gummies 125mg optimize your well-being and encourage relaxation.

  • Double Strength CBD Elixir Drops Tincture | Chocolate Mint | 1,000mg CBD

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    This 1,000mg creamy Chocolate Mint CBD Elixir Drops tincture delivers a stress-busting formula with double the strength of our full-spectrum CBD oil. Enjoy drops of this potent phyto-cannabinoid rich CBD oil in your favorite warm drink or smoothie. It pairs especially well with coffee, matcha, and hot chocolate. These drops can also be the perfect…

  • Double Strength CBD Elixir Drops Tincture | Rose Cardamom Vanilla | 1,000mg CBD

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    1,000mg CBD | 2oz (59.1 ml) Dose your CBD however you like with these CBD Elixir Drops. The 1,000mg Rose Cardamom Vanilla CBD Elixir Drops tincture a stress-busting blend that gives you double the strength of our full-spectrum CBD oil in a cult-favorite flavor. Slightly sweet with hints of creamy vanilla and light floral notes,…

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